Big Book Study Guide

A Simple Guide Through Recovery and Sobriety


The Big Book Study Guide website offers you the opportunity to have a single specific website that offer you clear-cut directions to perform and carry-out the steps while being guided through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Reading the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous alone by itself will relieve you by knowing that you are not alone in this by identifying with the problem and that there is very definite means of recovery waiting for you.

However, many don’t go ‘through and through’, as the book suggests, they only glance, scan, and read just selective pieces, jumping from page to page in no particular order. This leaves un-fill-able gaps in the comprehension of the bigger picture and a lack of continuity of what needs to be done in order to become recovered from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Through out the pages of this website you will find the Big Book Study Guide posted and explained in various articles and instructional formats. There will be full excerpts that you can use  for your own personal use in certain areas of your step work throughout your own personal recovery. There will also be included audio clips of the accompanying CD that helps walk you through the step process.

Although all of this information is given to you freely on this website, we highly recommend that you order the Workbook PDF and Audio Guide mp3 which we send to you electronically via email so that you have the complete set in front of your while doing your step work. if you cannot afford this, then this website is here for use at your disposal.

Remember; although the Audio Guide acts as your guide through the Big Book step process, it is imperative that you have a real person that you can trust speaking with during your steps processes. The ego cannot crush the ego. therefore, making this process literally impossible to goo through by oneself. You should be careful about the person you confide in, this matter is not to be taken lightly. You are literally on a life or death mission in undertaking this work.

Factual Note:

Alcohol causes more accidents and deaths in America than any other drug. The annual number of alcoholic liver disease deaths in 2007 alone: 14,406, the number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 23,199… also:

How can alcohol be blamed for 100,000 deaths each year?

  • 5% of all deaths from diseases of the circulatory system are attributed to alcohol.
  • 15% of all deaths from diseases of the respiratory system are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all deaths from accidents caused by fire and flames are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all accidental drownings are attributed to alcohol.
  • 30% of all suicides are attributed to alcohol.
  • 40% of all deaths due to accidental falls are attributed to alcohol.
  • 45% of all deaths in automobile accidents are attributed to alcohol.
  • 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol.
100,000 deaths. That’s more than a statistic. That is 100,000 individuals with faces. 100,000 individuals with lives not fully lived. 100,000 individuals grieved by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. Every single year.

So you can see that you’re not alone in the battle against alcohol addiction, but that also we are dealing with a disease that is insidious, cunning, and powerful (and that always results in our death) because not only its consumption sets off a physical craving to drink more, but also because there is a strange mental twist of insanity that precedes our drinking which pushes out of our minds all of the realities of why why should not and can not drink ethyl alcohol. because we are alcoholic.

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